What is Moonflip?

A novel crypto token on the Binance Smart Chain with a unique liquidity seeking structure that rewards purchasers with randomized bonus amounts; please check out our Whitepaper and our audit.

What’s the maximum I can win?

The maximum is currently 10,000%, and the bonus is a multiple of your purchase amount. This enables us to continue the pool for longer and rewards buyers based on their investment level. Check out the Current Odds.

How many times can I play?

How many times do you want to play? You can play an unlimited amount of times, and every time you buy, you can win. There is nothing like the rush of receiving a 10,000% bonus without having to HODL for months through market volatility. With Moonflip, you play as much as you want and any bonus is instantly awarded.

How do I play?

All you need to do to play is simply buy MFLIP token on Pancakeswap to have a chance to win!

What happens when I sell?

A 10% fee will be deducted from the transaction and deposited into the Bonus Pool, which is then used to fund the community’s bonus awards as new winners play. This is how the community perpetually sustains the Bonus Pool and maintains liquidity.

Where can I see the code for Moonflip?

We are happy to provide our Github, BSCscan, and audit for your reviewing pleasure.

Why Moonflip?

The choices in crypto are limited, which is why we chose to develop what crypto and blockchain should have been from the start: entirely decentralized, transparent, and fair.

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